Cirrus Power & Free Conveyors


Regular overhead conveyors are linear. They deliver product in the order it was loaded at the established speed of the conveyor.  Power and free is random. Product carriers on Cirrus power and free conveyors are independent of the power chain and of the main conveyor loop. A power and free product carrier is powered to its destination, yet it is free of the main loop, such that the order and timing of delivery is independent of other carriers. Carriers can be shunted into storage loops for accumulation by batch, and can be turned diagonally for denser storage, yet never touch.


If your production uses robots, power & free carriers can easily be loaded and unloaded automatically at will.


Cirrus Conveyors has the technology and the engineering know-how to bring power and free overhead conveyors into your production facility. Give us a call today if you are interested in power & free for your material handling requirements.


Parts & System Links
Cirrus 800 P&F

Cirrus 800 Power & Free is identified by a 2-13/16 inch by 2-11/16 inch rectangular power track, located directly above a pair of 3-inch channels that serve as the free track. Pivoting claw dogs, attached to the conveyor chain, propel free carriers throughout a system. Free carriers typically consist of a leading trolley and trailing trolley, all connected by a load bar from which product hangs.

When using a single load bar, the Cirrus 800 Power & Free conveyor can carry a maximum of 750 pounds (341 kg) at a maximum speed of 60 feet per minute.

FastTrack P&F

Cirrus FastTrack Power & Free systems are recognized by their thick, rectangular track, located directly above a pair of 3-inch channels that serve as the free track. Unlike the Cirrus 800 P&F system, FastTrack P&F uses fixed, non-moving dogs attached to the conveyor chain to propel free carriers throughout a system. Engagement with the power chain takes place via pivoting castings that are attached to the leading trolleys. The maximum capacity of a single load bar is 1000 pounds (454 kg). FastTrack P&F is capable of speeds up to 60 feet per minute.

FastTrack LP P&F

Cirrus FastTrack LP Power & Free conveyors are unique due to their low profile. Thick rectangular tracks are arranged in a side-by-side fashion, resulting in a much lower profile when compared to typical power and free systems. The FastTrack power chain contain de-latching pusher dogs that propel free carriers running in the adjacent, parallel track. Leading and trailing free trolleys are joined by a load bar, from which product or product carriers are attached. FastTrack LP is ideal for applications that do not provide sufficient overhead space for typical power & free systems.