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FastTrack - Common Parts

Caterpillar Drive Assemblies

100698 3 to 15 FPM

100785 9 to 45 FPM


Inline caterpillar drive assemblies transmit power from an AC motor to the conveyor chain. Drives use a caterpillar chain that contains fixed forged dogs that mesh with the conveyor chain. A wide range of motor voltages are available.

Variable speeds require the use of a VFD.

Part Number: 101337

Caterpillar drive chain

Part Number: 100977

Drive back-up bar

Part Number: 100701

Basic framed take-up X 48-inch diameter. Add screw, spring or air package. Other take-up diameters are available.

100702 Manual screw adjuster package for framed take-up.


100735 Spring take-up package for framed take-up.


100736 Air take-up package for framed take-up.